Day 10077

I have done a bunch of little things since the last post. Here is the water tank setup under the floor;

This is my 12v pump under the kitchen sink. I haven't filled the tank yet, and I still need to create a drain for the sink. Weekend project.

I elected to go the extra mile and paint the cockpit. After a thorough cleansing I slapped on primer. This section of the bus will probably end up the same color tan that I used in the kitchen area.

After trying, and failing, to find a used cabinet base the right size to shield the electrical panel, I bought one from Lowes. I cut out a good portion of the back using a jigsaw, so that it would sit flush with the metal panel. I'm going to get some kiln-dried wood in order to make another countertop to match what I already have in the kitchen.

Chopped cabinet dry-fit. The goal is to shield the electrical panel from damage, hide a mess of wires, create an electrical plug counter, and deafen the buzz of the running inverter, while maintaining sufficient cooling airflow. I can also stash some things away inside of it. This cabinet might end up painted red or green.

I still need to run wires for the 110vac to either side of the bus before I screw this thing down. Weekend project.

I attacked the old bus doors with a drill and screwdrivers. I drilled out the rivets holding a backing plate on, then slowly and cautiously pried the glass out of the metal frames.

I plan on using the old bus windows in my new wooden bus door; which is probably going to be this coming weekend's project. Multi-tasking.

I got the tags for the bus today. I'm street legal!

I just need a door. Ehh... details.

For an afternoon break on Day 10074, Dad and I enjoyed a fresh pot of percolated Guatemalan coffee, cooked on a propane camp-stove on the bucket of a 1960's Case backhoe... just like the original pioneering settlers and fur-traders of New England in the 17th century. 

Roughing it!

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