Day 10067

Checking the weather this morning, the chance of storms in the afternoon had dropped significantly. I could continue painting, but everything was still wet from last night's rain, so Zeke and I climbed into the truck to survey another property.

This property is much cheaper, for many more acres, than the previously mentioned land. It's on a south-facing hillside (not a cliffside like some I've looked at) in a rural area of an accessible town. No white oaks or white pines, though. Or running water. These aren't deal-breakers, but it would be very convenient. It did have some larger hemlock, and a lot of big old sugar maples (those I want!) I liked the location, as did Zeke.

Back home, I continued painting. The area behind the engine cowling has all sorts of weird corners.

I brought the blue's edge up to the natural edge of the cowling.

I'm having second thoughts about the black areas around the caution lights. It might be less eye-catching without them. I'm going for subtlety here, and anything that helps the bus not look like a bus is beneficial.

The rear end, complete except for the occasional drip or streak of paint. The door will probably get a nice mountain when I get to that stage. OEF and OIF bumper magnets installed.

Look! It's almost done! You can barely see it! I think it looks about thirty times better with the window frames painted blue.

Next up; gloss white for the roof. Water. Door. One more cabinet for the "electrical closet." Done.

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