Day 9982

Quick update for tonight; I got a lot done this weekend. Today I touched up the interior paint, put a second coat on the back wall and back door, and a second coat on the "Billy" cabinets. But those are the small things; I had two big projects.

The first major project for the day was cutting pieces of extra barn board to sit on the metal chair rail. The tops were screwed in with sheetmetal screws after a hole was drilled through the wood and the bus's metal wall. I'm going to add a barn board trim piece to the top and bottom. I installed 10 eye bolts into the chair rail as well, to aid in securing cargo. What kind of Crew Chief would I be if I didn't have an excessive amount of tie-down points built into my skoolie?

Today's second major project was building the countertop for the kitchen cupboards. I made a counter for the barn out of various studs this winter, and got the clamps out to make another one. I clamped together a 2x4, 2x6, 2x8 and 2x10, then screwed down plywood straps to keep them tight on the bottom side of the counter. I dropped the untrimmed countertop on the cabinets, and the plywood straps dropped right in between the cabinet walls without any adjusting. Sometimes I think I know what the engineers that build Mars probes feel like when the little thing they designed works millions of miles away another planet, when I measure something and build it in the shop, and it fits perfectly when I bring it outside.

I trimmed off the excess, then added some trim pieces to call it a day. I need some 2" finish nails to put the backsplash on, then I can stain it. I might stain Bekväm's table surface, as well.

Back to work tomorrow. I have a small shopping list for the drive home.

I need to engineer a new latch for the emergency exit window behind the kitchen counter, so it can be reached easily. Don't let me forget about that.

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