Day 10088

Bus is done.

Back on Day 9971...

... One summer (and six or seven days of exterior painting) later.

Removing the gum and hair covered seats on Day 9969, looking forward...

... and the view now, from the bedroom looking into the kitchen.

Laying down the plywood subfloor over the old seat mounts, looking aft...

... and the new view from the kitchen.

Until I get the water pump completely wired (I did figure out how I want to plug all the 12v dc accessories in, just need to order parts) I'll be using whiskey bottles for water.

I got a spider plant. It really dresses the place up.

The dining area / lounge. I sealed the electrical cabinet countertop with urethane, and painted the side red to break things up a bit.


Captain's quarters. Thanks again to Iain & Darcy, and John & Taylor, for the donations!

The workshop.

The freshly painted cockpit.

The mudroom.

 The finished door.

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